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Top 3 Places To See The Northern Lights In Canada

By , October 24, 2011 10:58 pm

The aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon that has a massive impact on spectators and this is what makes this wonderful spectacle worth anticipating. There are specific spots or zones where you can see the aurora and you can’t just see them anywhere. The Northern Hemisphere is one of the places where the northern lights can be seen. Explanations have been made in the past to its cause but not only until recently that the modern science of astronomy had fully explained the northern lights’ occurrence.

Canada is one of the countries where the northern lights can be seen. The aurora can be fairly seen throughout its tundra, wilderness, and mountain ranges, specifically Canadian Shield (the oldest mountain range in the world).

The northern part of Canada is said to provide the best views of the northern lights. The major locations where the aurora can be seen with high level of clarity are Nunavut, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. Nunavut is situated on vast tundra in the middle of North East Canada. One unique and unforgettable mode of transportation to get there is by dogsled. Yukon, on the other hand, is located within Canada’s mountains in the North West. Lastly, the most popular place in the Northwest Territories where the northern lights can be best seen is Yellowknife. It is expected that the place is heavily congested during peak season.

Other places where the northern lights can be glimpsed are north of Quebec, Alberta, Labrador, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Most travel tour packages in Canada include the aurora borealis’ sight-seeing as part of the package. Tourists who come to Canada to see the northern lights for the first time need not worry as they will be given proper assistance and guidance on preparation and other stuff related to aurora sight-seeing. One great way to wait for the northern lights to appear is by camping along lakesides where the lights would reflect on the waters. You can just imagine the beauty of the colors reflected on the rippling waters.

For more than centuries the natives of Canada have believed that the aurora borealis is a spiritual sign from the deities or from their dead ancestors. They even believed that the flickering lights are the spirits of the unborn babies adorning the evening skies. Regardless, the northern lights have mystified people from all over the world and their impact to the witnesses is beyond description.

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