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More reasons to choose Iceland for your Aurora getaway

By , October 19, 2011 12:59 pm

Iceland is known to be one of the few nations blessed with happy and optimistic people. Cost of living in Iceland is seemingly high and it is one of the most developed countries in the world. Iceland is one of the prime holiday destinations for tourists all over the world because of its magnificent landscape, breathtaking sunset, and of course, the aurora borealis.

It is very crucial for travelers to choose the time and season of the year to travel to Iceland as this determines the quality of experience. For example, the months of September and May are the best times of the year to see the northern lights. Ironically, peak tourist season starts from June to August and it seems that people go to Iceland not to see the northern lights but for something else. Again, Iceland has more to offer other than the northern lights.

There’s so much price to pay to see the magical aurora borealis but it’s worth it. Snow starts to fall heavily during September so expect facilities to close down and transportation services to reduce their operating hours. It is also anticipated that during this month some roads will be heavily covered with snow, rendering them impassable. There are advantages, however, if you go spend your holiday escapade during off season in Iceland namely: flight tickets are cheaper, tourist attractions are not that congested, you get to see frozen waterfalls, and last but definitely not the least, the northern lights.

The northern lights in Iceland are results of solar particles that collide with the Earth’s atmospheric gases namely oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen. The collision produces a chemical reaction which ultimately creates bright colors across the skies. Tourists who go to Iceland during the months of September and May are most likely on a northern lights quest.

Auroral formation in Iceland is observed to be streaks of light that slowly transform into wave-like and ring-like forms. The display of light is often described as heavy flickering and surging. Auroral formations, however, vary and largely depend on the sun’s storm activity and weather conditions.

One of the best things Iceland can offer is fresh food. The food quality in Iceland is extremely high. The country strictly forbids the use of hormones. Icelanders love seafood a lot and it is central to its culture. Some of the popular dishes in Iceland are smoked lamb, dried fish, and salted fish. A tourist’s visit to Iceland during Christmas season is incomplete if he hasn’t tasted Jola O, a beer-tasting orange soda.


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Top 6 Reasons To Choose Iceland For Your Northern Lights Holiday

By , October 15, 2011 9:56 am

The name Iceland is very misleading and makes the naturally lively island seem totally unbearable, (maybe because of the word “ice” in it) especially during mid-winter. There are sufficient reasons to choose Iceland as your top holiday destination especially during the months of December, January and February.

Contrary to popular belief, Iceland is not as cold as the name sounds. Average temperatures during Christmas season stay around 32 degrees Fahrenheit and don’t go any higher or lower than 2-3 degrees. In comparison, the temperature is pretty much close to that of New York or Amsterdam in December.

There’s a significant drop of visitors of almost fifty percent during winter season. The famous Blue Lagoon will only have a few visitors during this time of the year. Hotels are not over-crowded and you can effortlessly book a bus or a travel tour with less struggle and competition. Reykjavik is expected to be unaffected by this statistics, as it is always full of warm and friendly Icelanders all throughout the year.

The law of supply and demand tells us that tour operators during a major drop of visitors will most likely drop their prices too. Tour operators are expected to compete with each other and would chase after the few tourists during the winter months of December, January, and February. Further, Iceland has recently been listed as one of the best places to stay for your holiday vacation on a weak dollar.

Iceland is the perfect place to party all night during winter as the nights are six hours longer than usual. Icelanders are innately party-animals. Don’t be surprised to see people scattered all over the street of Laugavegur at around five in the morning. It is during this time of the day that the bars begin to close.

Of course, who would not want to see the northern lights in Iceland? Reykjavik is the top destination to see the best view of the enchanting aurora borealis. There’s no guarantee though you’d see the aurora in your first attempt, as it is quite elusive and playful. Whether you catch a glimpse of the northern lights or not, it’s still a win-win situation as Iceland offers the best starry skies possible.

Iceland is one part of the globe where the sun doesn’t soar above the horizon during winter. The sun only floats around the skies making the sunrise and sunset views in Iceland spectacular. The sunset lasts longer in Iceland than in places in lower latitudes. Professional photographers surely wouldn’t want to miss this great opportunity.



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