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For some people, organizing and guiding their own holidays is immensely enjoyable. It enables fine tuning of every element to ensure their trip is exactly as they want it. Sometimes this means getting the cost right, sometimes the timing, sometimes all of the above. For those that think this is over the top, or just don’t want the hassle of having to organize it themselves, they have the option of booking a northern lights tour.

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There are definitely the benefits of not having to organize every little detail, but the real differences become obvious with the guidance of a local professional tour guide. The northern lights have to be one of the most interesting naturally occurring phenomena. They come with a diverse and detailed history which varies depending on the country you are in. Different native tribes had their own interpretations and stories to go with the auroras, which most people love hearing about. Then there is the science behind them. The formation of the northern lights is particularly impressive, involving collisions between magnetically charged particles in the Earth’s atmosphere, influenced by solar winds. If you want to know more, check out What Are The Northern Lights.

Sure, you can read about the lights and look at pictures and even video on the internet, but nothing compares to seeing them for yourself and having a professional guide in your ear sharing all kinds of information on the northern lights history, science and anything else that tickles your fancy. Booking a northern lights tour may well be one of the best things you ever do.

Northern lights tours range in transport from foot, to snowmobile, to cruise ship. Depending on the country, you will have many options available, varying in price range, duration and guidance. Some tours go for longer then a week, with separate cruise and ground based legs. Some are as short as two days. In Canada, tours often leave from Ontario via snowmobile, embarking on an hour long each way journey to one of the best places to see the lights, Lake Superior. There are so many options that absolutely everyone can be pleased.

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