Best Ways To See The Northern Lights In Norway

By , October 13, 2011 4:52 pm

It has been figured out that one of the ideal places where you can view the marvelous Norway northern lights is right above the Arctic Circle in the northern part of Norway. Since the Norway northern lights are composed of solar particles invisible to the naked eye, the formation of which is caused by their interaction with atmospheric gases around the magnetic North Pole, thus making the northern regions apparently the perfect spots where you can witness this awesome fireworks display. In order for you to get a perfect view of the aurora borealis in Norway, it is ideal that you should have minimal lighting in your surrounding so as to produce the best possible backdrops and maximize your viewing pleasure of the northern lights.

Tromso is considered to be the perfect place to commence your Norway northern lights hunting adventure. It has been reported that the frequency of the appearance of the northern lights seems to be at high percentage in places along the coast, from Tromso and Finnmark, and the North Cape. Second best starting point where you can best view the northern lights in Norway is Lofoten.

As mentioned earlier, it is ideal that you must have the least lighting in your surrounding so that you can clearly and vividly see the lights. It is also noteworthy before you set out with your adventure that clouds can be an obstruction in viewing the auroras. One effective technique that spectators have used to maximize the probability of catching the best possible view of the northern lights in Norway is heading inland and to inner fjord areas. It seems that the Northern Norway winter is cooperative with the spectators as the skies are clear and weather is stable during this season.

Spring and fall are considered to be the ideal times of the year to witness the amazing northern lights in Norway. The months of March, April, October, November, and sometimes February have been reportedly favoring spectators with the best view of the auroras, specifically between six in the evening and an hour past midnight the next day. Patience is the key virtue if you want to witness the best nature has to offer. Most spectators stay in accommodation for a week or two, as the northern lights appearance is fairly unpredictable. They seem to appear when they feel like appearing so make sure you bring enough clothes to keep you warm as you play hide and seek with the Norway northern lights.

The northern lights in Norway appear in variety of colors namely green, purple, red, orange, and yellow. However, other colors may appear as the combination of colors largely depends on the type of particles interacting with the atmospheric gases. This surprise element makes the auroras worth anticipating. Snowflakes also play a significant role in producing a variety of colors during the spectacle.


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