Iceland Blue Lagoon

The Iceland Blue Lagoon is a massively popular tourist attraction located a relatively short 40 minutes by car from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. It is a essentially a huge geothermal spa which is part of a lava formation in Grindavik in south western Iceland. This is definitely another bucket list destination!

Not only is the Iceland Blue Lagoon an amazing and beautiful place to visit, it has been claimed that the mineral rich waters have helped people suffering from certain skin diseases! The is even an R&D facility here where they pursue cures for various skin problems. Maybe you can use this as an excuse when you have to convince the rest of your travel party to come here.

With an average water temperature of 37–39 °C or 98–102 °F, it is also a really nice swim. However, you can’t just jump right in. Iceland have a strict policy of enforcing visitors to shower without clothing in a communal area before and after jumping in.

On a less touristy note, the heated waters are fed from a nearby geothermal power plant, which captures superheated water from a lava flow to generate electricity. This may appeal to the scientific types. The increased geothermal activity near the Iceland blue lagoon is due it sitting smack bang at the top of the Mid Atlantic Ridge – where the North American and European tectonic plates meet (or more technically separate). When you are swimming the blue lagoon, you are swimming above two different continents!

The Iceland Blue Lagoon is not free to enter. Like any popular destination, the locals will find a way to monetize it. There will be an entry fee (around 30 Euro), plus extras at 5 Euro each. Extras include bathing suit, towel and bath robe rental. Then there is food as well as various massage and skin therapy outlets. If you bring you own towel and bathing suit and don’t intend to eat there, you can still have an affordable trip.

If you visit the Iceland Blue Lagoon in winter, you will enjoy the water temperature much more, and you can double it up with your northern lights holiday. In summer, the water will be much less enjoyable and you will have no chance of seeing the northern lights.

On top of what we have already covered there are a few more things you can enjoy at the blue lagoon. There is a waterfall you can swim under, silica mud which you can smear on your face for a DIY facial and there is the lengthy walk to get there.

If you are planning a holiday or vacation to Iceland, visiting the blue lagoon should be one of the highest on your to do list.

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