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Organizing your own holiday can be incredibly tedious with all the separate parts you have to organize. There’s the flights, transfers, accommodation, tours, food and all the activities you will want to do when you get there. Each of these is just another area where problems can arise. Payments might fail to clear in time, flights get canceled, accommodation gets double booked, the list goes on. Anyone who has organized a few holidays will know what we mean. Fortunately, there are pre-organized northern lights holidays for those who don’t want to have to put up with the hassle.

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When organizing your own northern lights holiday, there is the added risk factor of not even seeing the lights themselves. If you aren’t in the same place as the lights at the same time, you aren’t going to see them. Imagine having traveled halfway across the globe and having to go home having not even witnessed the very thing you were traveling for in the first place.

Northern lights holidays operate regularly out of Oslo, Norway, taking you on an adventure to the arctic town of Tromso with all transport, dinners and activities included. The activities are even optional so you do have the option for free time where you can organize you own adventures.

There are similar tours out of various other Norwegian cities, Finland, Lapland, Iceland, Greenland, Alaska and Canada. Chances are you won’t have to travel too far.Northern Lights cruise

There are two places considered the best in the world to see the northern lights. These are the Abisko Mountain Station in Swedish Lapland and Hotel Ranga in south Iceland. And Abisko Station boasts uniquely clear skies due to winds in the area keeping clouds at bay. Hotel Ranga has awesome 360 degree views for miles and an in house Northern Lights expert for all those who are keen to take in all his knowledge.

These tours vary in duration from 3 nights through 7 nights with cruises included. Basically, there are options for everyone. You get the peace of mind that everything has been organized for you by professionals, and you know for sure that you will get to see amazing display that is the northern lights.

If possible, aim to book your northern lights holiday in late January. This is when Tromsø holds the <a href=””>Northern Lights Festival</a>. The festival is an international music festival to celebrate the first dawn of the year. This is something you definitely want to experience in your lifetime.

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